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Never search these 5 things on Google, otherwise, you may have to go to jail

The only thing that comes to our mind as soon as we hear the name of Google is that through such a medium, we will get all the information on Google, that too with a belief that everyone will get here, with changing times, the Internet has become our life today!

We use the internet every day to fulfill our needs, but do you think a little while searching, what are we searching, if not then start thinking today because we are going to tell you some things that Google But you will think 10 times before searching!

Literature or video

Never search these 5 things on Google, otherwise, you may have to go to jail
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If you search any wrong children's literature or videos on Google, then you can get into trouble even you may have to face jail because it is against the Indian Penal Code and international rules. If you discuss any wrong video or literature openly, then you can be sued!

How to make weapons or bombs

Even if you search for bomb-making techniques, you will have to go through the legal process!


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When searching on Google, you never forget your identity, do not search for it, it will not jail you, but you may get into trouble because Google has all the data of your search and repeated searches leaked from it There is a danger of hackers waiting for what they can easily get hacked!


Personal email online login, avoid searching on Google, your account and password can be leaked by doing this, according to this study, most of the cases of hacking around the world are of email hacking, many complaints about the cyber cell is also a pain!


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Never use any information related to insecurity on Google because it starts giving you related advertisements so that you can know that someone is blaming you on the Internet if you want ads related to insecurity to not bother you. So you stop searching for this!

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Author you should go to jail first.

10 Months ago


is searching for English lesson dangerous too? if no, then please try that

10 Months ago


english ka ma behen Kar Diya re baba😂

10 Months ago

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