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Not a Thrifty Wife, UC Browser

Gone are those days when we had to minimize the use of internet, because it was a rarity. Even internet plans did not have these extravagant packs where you get a daily dose of 1.5 GB to lavishly spend on whatever or leave them to get wasted. Earlier when one thought twice before downloading a large sized video, UC Browser came to their rescue by optimizing data usage by unbelievable percentage.

Not a Thrifty Wife, UC Browser
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In fact UC Browser is preferred by most users because of its speed and its ability to save data. The Alibaba owned UC Browser boasts of over 200% faster download speed while downloading applications and videos and is also known for saving 80 per cent mobile data while reading news, watching videos, viewing images or surfing the web. The new version in fact was launched for greater mobile data saving with faster download. It promises the best experience with the least amount of data. Another interesting feature of UC Browser happens to be its discretion to modify image size according to different devices and enable users to save more data when image-rich websites are being browsed.

It has a pre-loading feature that allows users to load the videos when connected to Wi-Fi network and watch later when on mobile data. Recently UC Browser has reported over 1.1 billion user downloads worldwide, excluding China, having more than half its users in India. Thus, it also provides 15 key languages for Indian users.

According to App Annie, UC Browser ranks 8th in the Top Ten Apps by All-Time Downloads for the decade, and it is the only browser in the list. Also, eight out of ten apps are owned by US companies, UC Browser being one of the two that belong to non-US companies.

UC Browser Speed Up India Campaign

UC Browser has launched "Speed Up India" campaign that features an animated summary of the fastest moments of India in 2019. This campaign celebrates the victorious moments - such as Virat Kohli's ICC ranking, Hima Das' track event success and IAF finally getting its indigenous Tejas fighter aircraft - that speed up the growth of the country. UC Browser is one of the fastest mobile browsers that can boost Indian users' download speed by up to 200%.

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