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Puppy born with 'tail' on forehead!

A puppy born with a second tail sprouting from the middle of its forehead was adopted by a dog rescue charity after being found wandering the streets alone.

The two-tailed pup was named "Narwhal" after his additional cranial appendage and was described as an "absolutely perfect little anomaly." The 10-week-old animal was hosted by Mac's Mission - a Missouri rescue center specializing in helping dogs with special needs.

Puppy born with 'tail' on forehead!
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"He's literally the most magical thing you've ever seen and he's so happy," said Rochelle Steffen, founder of the rescue center. She added, “Everyone wants to see him. I had so many volunteers who came and said 'hey can we play with Narwhal?' And now everyone wants to take selfies with him because he's so cute. "

Narwhal was taken to the vet where X-rays revealed that there were no bones in his facial tail, meaning that he could not wag it or use it as a small windshield wiper. He received a certificate of Cheers.

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Steffen said his rescue center specializes in helping “weird” animals that would “not have a chance elsewhere”. They had a five-legged dog, a three-legged dachshund, blind and deaf animals, and dogs with cleft palate and scabies - but never before something like Narwhal.

"Everyone said it looks like a tail that just didn't fully develop, as if it had tried to absorb a twin and it didn't go all the way," Steffen said. “It kind of wraps right under his eyes. We deal with these unique animals here and love to let them keep their uniqueness. "

Although his preference is to leave the second tail untouched, Steffen said he would cut it off if it began to grow or if it entered the dog's eyes. She added that the rescue center will not allow Narwhal to be adopted until they are satisfied that the front tail will not become a problem as it grows.

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"We don't want to be adopted two weeks after they want to give it back because of the tail, that becomes a problem," she said. For now, he is “just a normal, happy and healthy puppy” that is getting a lot of attention.

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