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Seamless Browsing with UC Browser’s Text Only Mode

What makes UC Browser the best mobile browser of all browsers? Not only is it the fastest browser, but also the most efficient. One of its unique features is text-only mode. Even Google Chrome does not support this feature. There are only 5 Android Browsers that have a text-only mode and UC Browser ranks first in them.

Seamless Browsing with UC Browser’s Text Only Mode
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It is a known and accepted fact that images and videos, when not desired, consume extra data and even slow down the speed of the webpage loading. Thus one obviously feels the need to disable the videos on the webpage for a faster and better browsing experience. It speeds up the internet browsing in Android phones. Turning the text-only mode on blocks all the images and videos on the webpage and shows only the text. To enable this, you can follow the following steps

  • Tap on the menu button
  • Go to settings
  • Select browsing settings
  • Toggle on the text-only

By enabling the following feature, you can conveniently surf the internet and not waste your data on videos and images that you do not need. For example, reading ‘how to bake a cake’, without images of cake that you don’t want to see. Or, reading news online, without having to waste your mobile data on videos and images that come with them. When data is not drained on unnecessary items, UC Browser with its built-in feature of compressing WebPages makes the experience of surfing internet faster and better.

UC Browser is the most popular mobile browser in terms of download. It allows users to download their favourite videos in just one tap. Besides its fastest download speed among all downloaders, useful features such as auto-resuming and video streaming while download are commencing in the background are very popular among users.

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