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Simple Tricks To Save Money In Your Kitchen

Simple Tricks To Save Money In Your Kitchen

Start A Kitchen Garden

Your kitchen garden doesn't have to be grandiose, you could easily grow enough for a family of four out of a couple of pots on your balcony. Grow tomatoes, garlic, greens, potatoes and vines with gourds. Set up trellises for your plants, so that they grow well and occupy less space.

Make Your Own Detergent:

Most household cleaners are inorganic and toxic, and they not only remain in the clothes we wear and the dishes we use but are later flushed down the drain into our oceans and seas, where they kill our marine life and damage our environment.

Replace Tissues For Cloth Wipes:

Reusable cloth wipes soaked in vinegar and lime juice do a very effective job of cleaning kitchen counters and are far more long lasting than paper rolls.

Use A Pressure Cooker

As opposed to microwaving or baking or even cooking on a pan, a pressure cooker is a great way to cook food efficiently and cost-effectively. Make sure you make optimum use of your pressure cooker and save mega bucks.

Buy From The Farmer’s Market:

Farmer's markets are often up to fifty percent cheaper than supermarkets, and the produce is fresher too. Usually, it's finding the time to travel the distance that is the real problem, but if that's overcome, then the farmer's market is definitely a better option.

Get A Large Freezer

Either buy an independent freezer or a refrigerator with a large freezer. This will allow you to shop less often, and freeze the excess, without throwing things away. Less wastage is equal to more money.

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