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These are the 5 best fielders in cricket history, no one can forget the number 1

Today I am going to tell you about the 5 best fielders in cricket history.

1. Jonty Rhodes

These are the 5 best fielders in cricket history, no one can forget the number 1
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Jonty Rhodes is considered the most agile fielder in cricket history. Such players occur once in centuries. He did such a feat in the World Cup 1992, which no one has forgotten. He ran 10 meters in less than 5 seconds and jumped in the air and hit the ball in the stumps. Inzamam ul Haq was run out.

2 . Mohammad kaif

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Mohammad Kaif is one of the best fielders in Indian cricket history. His fitness was excellent. He caught many surprising catches.

3. Kieron Pollard

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Kieron Pollard is a very explosive batsman of the West Indies cricket team. This saves important runs for the team with their fielding. Trying to steal runs in front of them is like calling trouble.

4. Ravindra Jadeja

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Ravindra Jadeja's name comes in the most dangerous fielder of the present time. He is able to win the match to the team with his fielding.

5. Ben Stokes

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The fitness of Ben Stokes is much to be praised. They have an agitation like a leopard

Friends, according to you, who is the best fielder, please give your opinion in the comment box

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