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This Leader Is "The Most Honest Man In The BJP" According To Rahul Gandhi

This Leader Is

This Leader Is "The Most Honest Man In The BJP" According To Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader had today took a pot-shot at the BJP over one of its candidates in Haryana declaring that no matter what button is pressed on Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)s, every vote will go to the ruling party. Rahul Gandhi tweeted the "most honest man in the BJP," on MLA Bakshish Singh Virk, who has been served notice by the Election Commission for his controversial comment.

As voting took place in Haryana for assembly elections, the former Congress president tweeted his jibe along with a video of Mr Virk speaking at a public meeting in Haryana's Assandh constituency, where he is contesting.

"Whoever you vote for, we will get to know. Don't think we won't know. We deliberately don't tell you, but if we want, we can find out. Because Modiji (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) is intelligent. Manoharlal (Chief Minister ML Khattar) is intelligent," the politician is heard saying in Punjabi in a video widely circulated online. The video appeared to have been taken recently during his campaign.

After devoting much of his speech to what appears to be a warning, Mr Virk apparently resorts to claiming that the EVMs are manipulated. The MLA declares, "You may vote for whoever you want, your vote will go to the kamal (lotus, BJP's poll symbol) only. Press any button, the vote will go to BJP. We have fixed a purja (part) in the EVM machines," getting many laughs from his audience.

On Sunday, the Election Commission issued Mr Virk a show-cause notice and appointed a special observer to the constituency to take "corrective action".

Mr Virk claimed that "a fake video had been made viral" and denied making any comment on EVMs.

"Some mediaperson has done this act and twisted the entire thing. I respect the Election Commission and have faith in EVMs. I never said anything about the voting machines. There is no truth in the allegations...it is a conspiracy to defame me and my party," said the MLA.

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The truth is out from BJP leader in Haryana. He admits EVM manipulation then why E C is taking action against him. EVM manipulation was done massively during 2019 lok sabha election by BJP who won due to this. Why E C did not take action against Modi and Shah because E C was corrupt man doing favours to BJP to get promoted to senior positions. The entire election exercise in BJP govt is a drama and arrangements with E C on use of EVM manipulation

7 Months ago



7 Months ago


Actually no mechanical manipulation is separately needed to know who is casting vote in whose fever..the names written by the electors un the roll serially one after another just before voting in the booth later helps to calculate exactly as the software of the evm s have multiple functioning capabilities already..n to prevent this people should never sign or write their names serially on the log book before casting their votes...thank u..

7 Months ago

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