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This rapidly changing Earth may look something like this in the next 1000 years.

1. Pollution has been increasing continuously since last 100 years. But the pollution level will start decreasing in the next 100 years. Our factories will be completely transformed once nanotechnology arrives.

This rapidly changing Earth may look something like this in the next 1000 years.
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2. Some of the languages ​​spoken around the world are ending. English has emerged as a common language all over the world. In the next 1000 years almost all languages ​​will be eliminated and only English will be spoken all over the world.

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3. It is a law of nature that creatures born on earth will end at some time. This has happened even today, 65 million years ago and it will definitely happen again. And when that happens, humans too will end.

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4. Man is constantly becoming a cyborg. Artificial organs are being installed in our body like hearing devices and artificial hearts.

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5. There are constant changes in the human body. A few million years ago we looked like monkeys. Slowly there have been major changes in our body. These changes will continue to happen in the future. 1000 years later our eyes would be wider than today and the nostrils would dilate.

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6. It may be impossible to live on earth in the future. In such a situation, leaving this planet and going to another planet will be the only way left.

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7. Scientists are constantly developing technology through which the age of human can be increased. Today we are constantly searching for a cure for serious diseases. The day is not far when the age of man will be many times more than today.

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Friends, tell me what changes you want to see in the future by commenting.

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it's funny that you think humanity will survive another 1000 years

27 Days ago


Lol lol lol lol Ana double lol and double lol

26 Days ago


iimpossible.....we won't survive if we continue Luke this for a 100 yrs or less...

24 Days ago

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