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WWE RAW: What You Can Expect From Monday Night's Episode Of RAW

After the second week of draft in the previous episode, WWE Monday Night RAW is going to kick off tonight. Know what to expect from the episode and more info.

WWE RAW: What You Can Expect From Monday Night's Episode Of RAW

The second day of WWE Draft took place in the previous episode of Monday Night RAW and you can expect a lot of things from Monday night’s episode with a new roster that can lead to new storylines. Monday Night RAW and the entire WWE universe is arguably entering into a new era with WWE Crown Jewel ahead. The unfinished rivalry of Seth Rollins is still continuing despite both the rivals being drafted to different brands. Let us see what we can expect from the upcoming WWE RAW episode.

WWE RAW Oct 21: What to expect

Seth Rollins-Bray Wyatt ‘The Fiend’

Seth Rollins wanted to break Bray Wyatt’s head with a sledgehammer at Hell In A Cell and it ruined the match but the Universal Champion is still having the same anger inside him. Bray Wyatt ‘The Fiend’ is at SmackDown but the fans got a taste of their rivalry too. Seth Rollins went berserk and beat down Bray Wyatt before burning down the entire 'FireFly Fun House'. We can expect a visual of Fiend’s response in tonight’s segment whenever the Universal Champion makes an entrance.

Bobby Lashley-Lana segment

The love story of Lana and Bobby Lashley is taking a step ahead with every ongoing episode of WWE RAW and WWE are really giving a lot of importance to that storyline recently. Lana shocked the WWE fans and her husband Rusev by kissing Lashley. Lana and Bobby Lashley kept increasing their intimacy in every episode in which they also shared a cosy bedtime moment. In the previous episode, they were seen enjoying a moment at a massage spa and we can expect them to come up again tonight.

Charlotte Flair- Becky Lynch

10X Women's Champion Charlotte has been drafted to RAW and no wonder she chose to go up against the best at once. Charlotte started her new RAW journey by going up against Becky Lynch ‘The Man’ thought she lost against the RAW women's Champion and she will definitely go against her again. She came in and attacked Becky. We can expect to see them in a fight tonight.

Tyson Fury-Braun Strowman

WWE will surely preserve the precious PPV earning fight for Crown Jewel but we can expect something about the mega-fight in the upcoming WWE RAW episode. Braun Strowman is expected to enter the ring and he might face anyone from the roster but if Tyson Fury is in the house, there will be heated exchanges. They signed the contract in the previous episode of RAW. According to reports, Fury is getting $15 million for the fight.

Andrade vs Sin Cara

Sin Cara went undrafted in the WWE draft and has entered the RAW brand as a free-agent. He is officially set up against Andrade for his WWE return. The duo have fought earlier and we can expect something big tonight. Andrade is confident about his win. Find more on Twitter

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