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When life gives you a second chance

When life gives you a second chance

“Your lifestyle is simply the creation of your thoughts,” says Sahar Gharachorlou, a transformational life coach, while highlighting the crux of her debut book, Twice Born. Sahar, an Iranian by birth, has been living in Chandigarh since last eight years. A therapist, who is armed with a post-graduate degree in psychology, she wishes to help all those, who seek a second chance in life.

Sahar says, “I come from a dysfunctional family. And when there is chaos at home, I think it stays with you and tends to bring out negative emotions in you, emotions which sometimes even we are not able to comprehend. What I understood from my experience is that whenever you encounter two extremes of polarity, you need to find a middle path and that is what I did in my life.”

She used to work in the corporate sector, which involved travelling. Though travelling continues to be a part of her life, it is the shift from the corporate sector to being a metaphysical therapist, which led Sahar to a ‘spiritual awakening’. She adds, “I started in December 2015, and it took me nine months to awaken myself from the core and now I am living a new, peaceful and empowering life.”

Twice Born aims at helping people, who seek satisfaction and positivity amidst all that is negative in the world. It also covers few experiences of Sahar while following the path of spiritual awakening. She says, “Everybody’s idea of spirituality is different and they follow their path to achieve it. But, it all breaks down to our need to be loved and cared for and if you are on the right path, you will tend to overcome it by loving and caring for yourself.”

So, does that mean, Sahar doesn’t feel the blues anymore? She smiles, “It is not that I don’t feel any negative emotions but I no longer go into that deep loop of all the sad moments that I have experienced in my past life. It is easier for me to snap out of it. I have become a person who can dance to any tune life throws at me, be it happy, fun or sad.”

Sahar also loves to paint, read and dance. “I believe I have been empathetic towards people and this led me choose the path I am on and I would still term myself as a person whose work is in progress,” Sahar adds. —Sheetal
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