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Why beautiful women are recruited in Israel's army, must read

Why beautiful women are recruited in Israel's army, must read
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Do you know that Israel is a country where many rules and laws have been made for women. Let me tell you that the women here work against the men in the army. Women are beautiful in the country of Israel, but the women here leave models & acting & think of working in the army.

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Before Israel was formed, it was ensured that women's representation in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) was necessary. According to the country's rules, all Jewish Israeli citizens are required to complete national service by the age of 18. The women here fight in the field with the men.

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For your information, let me tell you that women played an important role in the battlefield in the 1948 freedom struggle against the Nazis. According to the New York Times, more than 92% of their army jobs are open to women. Now what do you say about this article, friends? Let me know your answers and opinions in the comment box below.

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women in israel are not beautiful, they are only fair skinned but their face cut is like witches from the haunted movies.... and israelis formed their country with the help of britishers, during turkish rule they use to have the habit to suffer punches from the peoples

8 Months ago


abey betichod admin... kis liye 'beautiful women' ko recruit karte hai ye toh bata...

8 Months ago


Learn to write properly first..

8 Months ago

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