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Why Healthcare Stocks Could Be Taking on Significant Risks by Partnering with Big Tech

The Motley Fool

LV Prasad Eye Institute, IIM Ahmedabad and IIPH Hyderabad win big, fetch 10 crore grant


NCRB 2018 Big Breaking: Odisha rapes down 52% in 2018 courtesy a sleight of hand!


Leopard deaths in accidents rose by 278% in 10 years, shows data

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Top Choices of Insight Data Science

Live Bihar

Anfield's steps to domination: Putting the right man in charge, using data to make smart signings and appointing a charismatic manager

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The other data challenge: Measuring life in a metro

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Monopoly? What monopoly? Big Tech defends itself from antitrust allegations with denial & doublespeak

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Deal: Launch a career as a data scientist for under $42

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Personal Data Protection Bill strikes a discordant note on ‘non-personal data’

Indian Express

Netflix, other streaming apps could bear the brunt of data tariff hike in India

Hindustan Times

I'm the Google whistleblower. The medical data of millions of Americans is at risk | Anonymous

The Guardian

Maveric Systems Launches Data Academy to groom talent to meet INR 100-crore revenue target of DataTech in the next 3 years

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What big tech counts on you not reading


CES 2020: Why Privacy Is A Big Factor?

One India

China facial-recognition case puts Big Brother on trial

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Online payment systems face big security threat in 2020: Kaspersky

Hindustan Times

New tool to help families save big


India set to take big 5G leap in 2020; Mass adoption few years away


India to take big 5G leap in 2020 but mass adoption far away

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